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Clear Signal Sceatta II Headphones & Case

Sceatta case and headphone together



The Sceatta II is small single ear-shell headphone. The use of a single ear-shell headphone could be necessary when you are detecting in a risky area and want to hear what’s going on around you. For example an environment where you can expect approaching cars, bikes or motorcycles. Also on construction terrains where the approaching of an excavator or a truck is possible. This model headphone is widely used in archaeology and excavation companies.

This model is supplied with a single 41-clicks volume control. The opposite position of the ear-shell has a comfortable foam head pad. The plastic headband is adjustable in height. The polarization switch allows this headphone to be compatible on all metal detectors without using adapters or additional cables

The curly cord has a compact inner core and is equipped with a 90° degree angled waterproof 6.35mm stereo jack. The outer shell of the spiral cable is made of PUR.

Compact model implemented headset easy to fold for storage and transport.

Technical specifications Sceatta II:
► The strong polymer ear-shell gives a complete surrounding of the 
     ear, soft comfortable ear cushion to avoid the slip down of the headphone.
► Adjustable plastic quilted headband for comfortably wearing. 
► Single 41 clicks volume control, with stay put segments for a perfect adjustment. 
► Polarisation switch to make the headphone compatible with other detectors without adapters. 
► Coiled heavy-duty cable with PUR outer shell and full compact inner-core.
► 90° degree moulded waterproof 6,35 mm stereo jack.
► Sensitive speaker element for a loud and clear signal. 
► Compact foldable design for storage and transport.

Coiled cable specifications:
► Outer shell: PUR black
► Core: Compact inner-core
► Length in rest position 65cm
► Stretchable up to 260cm
► Returns into rest position

90º angled jack specifications:
► Moulded and waterproof
► Stereo 1/4 
► 90º angled
► 360° strain relief 
► Nickel plated, doesn’t rust

Price: £70.99 (Inc VAT)



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