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2nd Hand/Used Machines

Machines listed here are for sale as single items only and will be supplied to the first applicant.

They can only be purchased by direct contact with Detecnicks Ltd on 01243 545060 or by .

Carriage in the UK is Free on goods over £100.00. Items priced at less than £100.00 incur a charge of £10.00 for delivery. Delivery to Europe is charged at £30.00 on all machines.

All the 2nd hand machines featured in this section are used machines and are supplied in good working order. Please contact for specific condition of a particular item. They are covered for free repair by Detecnicks for a 3 month period from the date of purchase (excluding rechargable batteries!). If you experience any problems with your 2nd hand purchase within this period we will cover the cost of its repair, offer an alternative or give you your money back if we are unable to do either of the two former options. 2nd Hand machines include in their price an element of VAT which is not recoverable.

You should contact us directly to resolve the problem, before placing your machine with a repair agent!!!

List updated on 21/04/2018

Used Bounty Hunter:


Used C Scope:

CS6MXi £350.00

Used CMD:

Wolftrax £375.00

Used Fisher:

F75 SE (No 5" coil) £525.00

Used Garrett:

Ace 400i £230.00



Used Laser

Trident II (fitted with 12 x 10" DD coil) £300.00

Rapier fitted with 8" Polo coil £225.00

Trident II Si £325.00

Used Macro


Used Minelab

Safari Pro £600.00

CTX3030 (Warranty to 04/04/20) £1350.00

E-Trac £725.00

E-Trac £725.00

E-Trac £725.00

Gold Monster (Full Manufacturer warranty) £700.00

Used Nokta:


Used Rutus


Used Teknetics:

T2 Classic £325.00

G2 Plus (Camo) £460.00

Used Tesoro:

Mojave warranty to 22/09/18 £225.00

Used Viking:


Used Whites:

Treasuremaster warranty to 16/02/20 £180.00

Used XP

Deus (Lite) 22WS4 (9" coil) warranty to 31/10/22 £575.00

Customer items for sale

Below are listed items which we advertise for customers free of charge. Any transaction is solely with the seller and Detecnicks accept no responsibility for the goods.

None at present.



Here you will find a large range of Metal Detectors from a range of manufacturers covering the requirements of the beginner to an experienced Detectorist.



Here you will find all the other accessories which we stock in addition to Coils & Covers, Books & Clothing.



We stock a large selection of used metal detectors from all of the major manufacturers. Detecnicks buy used detectors & part-exchange is always welcome.



We currently stock promotional clothing, including our own Detectorist T-shirts .



Coils & Covers for all the manufacturer machines which we stock as well as some after market coils supplied for those machines and manufacturer models not stocked by ourselves.



A large selection of headphones and headphone accessories designed for all kind of metal detecting.

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