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Detecting Glossary

Air Test

A test performed to give an indication of a detectors depth capabilities when a target is passed over the search head.

All Metal

A user mode that allows the acceptance of all metals as a positive signal.

Audio Target ID

The ability of a detector to produce a different tone for differing metals. E.g. low tone/iron - high tone/coins.


The ability of the detector to ignore the response from a specific target range, allowing responses only from targets with a higher conductivity.


Any iron-bearing target.

Ground Balance

Circuitry, which allows the detector to ignore ground mineralisation manually, automatically or at a preset level.

Motion Detector

A mode of detection that requires a movement of the search head to trigger a response from the target.


Any non-iron bearing target.

Non Motion

A mode of detection that does not require the movement of the search head to trigger a response from the target.

Notch Discrimination

Circuitry allowing the user to reject a specific range of targets whilst still accepting targets below and above this setting.


The ability of a detector to find the exact location of a target. Either by "X"ing the search head or locating in an all metal mode.

Search Coil/Head

A circular plate (Either open or closed) containing the single or multiple transmit and receive windings used to pass over the ground to emit and receive signals from the target.


Loosely equated to a depth control, ground conditions wlll determine the highest sensitivity settings allowed on a particular site.

Silent Search

A detector producing a signal from a target while operating below the audible threshold.

Target ID Meter

The ability of a detector to recognise a target by its conductivity and to then display a likely target ID by means of Bars, Numbers or an Icon via a meter.

Tone ID

The ability of the detector discrimination circuitry to recognise and issue a different tone for metals of differing conductivity.


The tone used to establish the minimum sound level for a deep target while searching in discrimination mode. Also used as a reference point in all metal mode while ground balancing.



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