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Building on the success of the Minelab X-Terra Pro in re-booting the X-Terra Series metal detectors, Minelab have extended the range with the addition of the X-Terra Elite. The X-Terra Elite features true simultaneous multi frequency detecting with Minelab's proven Multi-IQ technology, first seen the the ground breaking Equinox Series.

Other features include full waterproofing to 5 metres, six search modes, high-resolution target IDs, iron bias control, rich, clear audio with low latency wireless capability, compatible with a huge choice of accessory coils. All these advanced features and more are packed into and easy to use ergonomic design with an affordable price tag.

Search modes

For public areas likely to contain trash you would like to avoid. Park 1 for general finds and coins. Park 2 for fine jewellery.
For general use including pasture and arable farmland. Field 1 for coins and artefacts. Field 2 for fine coins and artefacts.
For detecting in salt water conditions. Beach 1 for searching on wet or dry sand out of the water. Beach 2 for wading or diving in shallows, surf or underwater.


In the pre-set modes the detector will operate with Multi-IQ, meaning you get the advantage of all frequencies all of the time, optimising its ability to identify targets, discriminate trash and ground noise. Different modes will put more emphasis on certain parts of the frequency spectrum for specific targets. In special cases you have the option of selecting a single frequency in isolation, such as when a difficult target requires extra scrutiny. You can use 15kHz as a single frequency in Park nad Field modes.


With IP68 rating the X-Terra Elite is fully waterproof to 5 metres (16 feet). This makes it an ideal amphibious detector for treasure hunting while wading deep in surf, rivers or lakes or even snorkelling under the surface.


The X-Terra Elite had Loud & Clear Audio with rich Sounds. Audio output is though the built in speaker, 1/8" waterproof jack socket or low-latency wireless transmission. There is All-tone, Depth target tones and 25 level Iron volume.

Compatible with Minelab ML85, ML105 wireless headphones, Minelab Waterproof Equinox Headphones, any 1/8" Jack wired headphones.

It also has optional vibrate mode for hearing impaired or situations where audio cannot be easily heard such as in water.

Coil Choice

The Minelab X-Terra Elite comes with the V12X Coil as standard, a 12 x 10" elliptical Double-D search head. Other X-Terra coils available in the range as accessories are the V8X (8x5.5") and the V10X. The new X-Terra Series is also compatible with Minelab Equinox coils including Minelab's own EQX Series, the EQX06 (6" round), EQX11 (11" round) and EQX15 (15" elliptical). In addition it will work with Coiltek's Nox Series, the Nox 10x5, Nox 14x9, Nox 15" Round and Nox 18" Round. This gives the X-Terra Series arguably the greatest choice of accessory coils of any recent metal detector.

Price: £459.00 (Inc VAT)
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