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Minelab Pro-Find 40 Probe

Minelab Pro-Find 40 Probe

Minelab Pro-Find 40

Minelab have re-invented their Pro-Find pin pointer to bring you their best pin-point probe to date, the Pro-Find 40, with increased depth and improved features.

Step into the future of treasure hunting with Minelab's Pro Find 40 Pinpointer. Crafted for both the dedicated hobbyist and the veteran treasure seeker, this handheld tool embodies next-level precision, quickly identifying your target's exact location. As a new hallmark of Minelab’s pioneering range, the Pro Find 40 emerges as the epitome of pinpointing excellence.

Key Features

Increased Depth
With 10% more depth compared to the Pro-Find 35, this is our deepest pin-pointer yet.
Adjustable Sensitivity
With five sensitivity levels you have precise control to minimise noise or maximise depth.
Whether you detect on the beach or in lakes and rivers, you can trust the rugged waterproof design to work in up to 3 metres of water.
High Visibility
The bright red hand grip of the Pro-Find 40 means it will have maximum visibility in most terrains making it easy to locate and recover.
Lost Alarm
Even if the pointer isn't visible, the lost alarm will ensure it can be located.
Ferrous Tone ID
Find the non-ferrous treasure among the ferrous trash with two different audio tones to separate them.
DIF Technology
By isolating the circuitry when off, DIF will reduce interference to your working detector.
Rapid Retune
Re-calibrate your probe to changing conditions with a single button press any time.
Audio & Vibration
Both alert methods may be turned on or off to customise how you locate treasure.
LED Flashlight
Illuminate dark holes or work in fading light with the built in flashlight.

Pack Contents

  • Pro-Find Pin-Pointer
  • Lanyard
  • Holster
  • 9V Battery
  • Multi-Langiage Instructions
Price: £139.00 (Inc VAT)



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