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Rallies arranged for 2018


We only post details of rallies which we have been asked to post - This is therefore NOT a definative list.

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Kimbo's Norfolk Social Metal Detecting Fun Weekender

Return Trip To Spooners Row

On behalf of the Wymondham Satellite Rotary Club

In Aid of

All profits will be being donated to "The Haemophilia Society".50%.

the remaining 50% to Star Throwers & Break

Date/ Times

Thursday 20th, Friday 21st , Saturday 22nd  and Sunday 23rd   September 2018

N.B. No arrivals before midday on Thursday 20th September  please.

There will be an area of land for those who arrive on Thursday to detect on during Thursday afternoon.

Location: Spooners Row, Wymondham, NR18 9LL,

Please note this postcode will take you to the Three Boars Pub which sits on a cross road, from here MD direction signs will be posted to take you to the event location.

Rally Briefing

There will be a full rally briefing at 9am Friday in front of the organisers finds recording events marquee.


This event is limited up to three hundred detectorists on a first come first served basis. A donation of £50-00 per detectorists for the whole weekend.  There will be no day tickets available for this event. NB  As this event is in aid of charity there will be no refunds if you are unable to attend. No reserve bookings or pay on the day accepted.

All profits  will go to The Haemophlia Society 50%.   And the remaining 50% to Star Throwers & Break.

For more information about these organisation please go to the following web address:

www.haemophillia.org.uk      www.starthrowers.org.uk             www.break-charity.org

Payment -Cheques and postal orders  to be made payable to Kimbo's Detecting Society.

Send payment to:

Kim Clarke,

20 Leather Lane

Great Yeldham,



CO9 4JB.

Once I receive your payment, you will receive an email giving you confirmation of your booking. Please note, that you must print off your booking confirmation and bring it along to the rally with you as this will be your proof of payment. On booking in at the rally you will then be given your weekend pass ticket which must be attached either to your detector or somewhere visible on your self throughout the whole week end.  You will also be given a map.

Please remember you will need your valid NCMD- FID membership card when you book in.

If you are not registered with me, to attend this event I require the following information to be forwarded to me via email:

Your full name:

Your full  postal address:

Vehicle Make & registration:

NCMD Membership number:

FID Membership number:

Email Address:

Contact telephone number.

Those who don't have an email address you can post to me the above information, plus a contact telephone number: and a return stamped address envelope.  Please ensure you have the correct postage stamp for the size of envelope you send.

This information I will only need the once, as I will then keep you on file, so you will not need to do this every time I have an event, unless any of your details change.

Under no circumstances will anybody be allowed to attend if I haven't received the above prior to the event.

Please remember, to gain entry on the day you must have with you your confirmation slip of payment, and your valid NCMD/ FID membership card with you.  NO MEMBERSHIP  CARD, NO ENTRY.

The NCMD will be in attendance which means you can get membership on the day.


Camping and caravanning will be on pasture. Please note the Camping site must be clear of all vehicles by no later than 7.00pm Sunday 21st August 2016

Those of you who are travelling from far afield may stay over on the Sunday evening and leave no later than 10.00a.m on the Monday morning.


Porto-loo’s, and fresh water on camping site.

Refreshments and Food  On sale for this event I have decided to go up market from our usual caterers and spoil you all with our new professional caterers: Showfood Event Catering, to whom I was fortunate enough to have come into contact with last year, and I can certainly say I was more than impressed.

To wet your appetites and I'm sure you won't be disappointed go to their web site and see for your selves  what’s on offer:  www.showfood.co  Food will be available from the start of the event.

Land Available and Ground Conditions

There will be a minimum three hundred acres of which two hundred we had detected in 2015. Considering the dry baked conditions of the soil in 2015 there was many cracking finds found, including a scatered hoard. My self and other detectorists who was there in 2015 feel that this area has still a lot to offer given the right conditions. The soil is medium / heavy

The land owner if time and whether permitting will have the fields cultivated and in an acceptable condition for detecting, however there could be some stubble.

Brief History

This parcel of land that we have got the privilege to hold this event on lays slap bang between two very ancient market towns, Wymondham (pronounced Windham ) and Attleborough, both of Anglo-Saxon origin. The area has a wealth of ancient history, and as I always say for  more in depth history go on to Google and you will find it very interesting.

Now it's down to you to make your own decision to attend or not, and there are no guarantees that you will have finds. Remember, metal detecting is like a lottery, there are always winners and looser s, but it will be a good social detecting fun weekend if nothing else.

Ordinary Raffle Draw

There will be a raffle held over the weekend  all profits  from this draw will go to Star Throwers & Break.    with many detecting prizes and general prizes.  Any donations for the raffle will be greatly appreciated.  Hand in to the stall on the day. Purchase of tickets for this draw will be on sale throughout the weekend until mid day Sunday.

Grand Raffle Draw

Up for grabs as usual will be a mid to top range detector.

Tickets will be on sale at £5.00 per ticket, nowhere else you can buy a detector for that price, so don't be shy bring plenty of cash with you.

Draw tickets will be on sale through out the week end available at the rally marquee.

The draw will take place midday  Sunday  23rd    September 2018 at the rally marquee.

Terms and Conditions

The landowner grants a licence to enter the fields specified during the following period of time,  from midday Thursday 20th  to 5.00 pm Sunday 23rd   September 2018 and for the sole purpose of metal detecting for items whether ancient or modern. 

The land owner also reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions or make any cancellations without any prior notice.

In the unlikely event, that the event is cancelled out of the organisers control, then there would be a complete refund.

Notes on Finds

Finds over 300 years old and over £500 in value and items subject to the Treasure Act 1996 are to be divided 50/50 with the landowner. 

To build and retain a good relationship with the land owner PLEASE show all finds.  There will be a finds cabinet to display finds in at the rally marquee.  Share the unearthed fascinating history of your finds as nobody is going to take them away from you (obviously unless subject to the Treasure

Act 1996 ).

This can only earn acceptance for our return trips and encourages the rest of us to try harder.

The local FLO  will be invited along with our own in house specialists.

The land owner respectfully requests the following:

1. No entry into woodlands.

2. All holes to be filled in.

3. Entry to the specified fields indicated by the rally organiser via proper entry routes, not through hedgerows please.

4. No telephone calls to the landowner requesting return detecting.

5. All rubbish to be put in bins/bags/skip provided.

6.Barbecues, only those that are above ground level and those that are higher enough of the ground so as not to scorch the grass.

7. Please be aware that this land is also shared with other people by the way of public foot paths and horse riders, so please be courteous and polite.

Note dogs are more than welcome to attend this event, but please,please, remember to scoop the poop.

General Note – In the event of a hoard, or important find coming up, the following actions are to take place. 

The finder is requested to stop digging and inform the rally organiser (Kim Clarke Mobile 07504697077) who will cordon off the area and along with the FLO, decide on the necessary course of action. 

This course of action is to acknowledge the identity of the finder and to preserve the historical record. 

It is your responsibility to abide by the provisions of the Treasure Act 1996 and Treasure Act Code of Practice (www.finds.org.uk).

Please note the following: Once you have made your donation to take part in this event you have accepted to be bound by the terms and conditions as laid down and described in this document.

Failing to comply with any of the terms and conditions for this event may result in early termination of your weekend.

Evening Entertainment.

I am really pleased to say that on this event everything will be in house  Thursday evening   which for those who wish to take part will be a quiz night at  the marquee.   Full details will be given on the day.

The line up for Friday and Saturdays evenings entertainment all in house. Live music to dance the night away in the open country air, and yes a camp fire both nights for those who wish to relax and keep cosy under the Norfolk Stars. To help you all to relax even more over the weekend, we will have a fully licence bar  . The bar times will be, 4pm to midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Also our own detectorist brew the Grumpy old Twat Cider.

Trade Stands

There will be a mix of trade stands on site.


This will be covered by your NCMD/FID membership.

Organiser Kim Clarke    e-mail               

Mobile 07504697077



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