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Rutus Metal Detectors

The new style


Jupiter v.3


NEW version 3 now available


Back in stock at 4th April 2014

Simple operation
16kHz frequency (variable)
Fast recovery for trashy areas
Lightweight & well balanced
DD search coil fittedConcentric coil available
Tone pitch can be varied
Programmable features
for advanced users
Battery power icon
Truly digital operation
Adjustable hot rock reject
Notch accept/reject
Powered by 6 x AA batteries
Clear digital screen with backlight
2 search modes -
Motion & combined motion/non motion
Single tone or 3 tone factory preset target ID
User assigned custom tone programmes
Trigger pinpoint/all metal/depth indicator
Auto ground balance with manual offset option

The new version 3 has the additional selection option of a fast (normal) recovery filter or a deep filter.

This allows the user to decide which is the more important requirement which is especially useful when using the new larger 11" coil


The machine will be fitted with the DD (Widescan) coil as standard with an option to purchase a concentric coil if required.

Machines are now all supplied with a custom made coil cover

Field tested in the May 2012 edition of Searcher magazine


Rutus Jupiter version 3 model U.K. Delivery:Free, Europe:£30.00 £549.00 Qty:

There is now available a new larger coil for all the Jupiter models.
29cm (11") which is supplied with a new lower stem.
This can be found for purchase on the Accessory coils page

Now available - designed specifically for the Rutus Jupiter are control box & battery box covers made by Thesaurus.

Please take this link to purchase.

For a review on the Jupiter

please visit Gary's detecting


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